06 May 2007

BB good friend's Cody

Brayden have a few buddies at Pre-School. One of them is Cody, his is the very first friend BB met in School. BB talks about them a-lot at home, it's neat to listern to them play and getting along well, in the beginning, I thought my boy (cantonese spoken at home) may have problem communicating, apparently it was not a issues at all, Cody mommy told me they understand him well, everytime when school finished, we will let them have a few minutes run up the hills right besides the school. But when School end in June, they will say good-bye to each others, because everyone is going to different School for Kindergarden. So, We thought to sign up the soccer games for them to spend more time playing together, but when the list out, they all goes separate team. Anyway, we find that is not a problem, they all play in the same field. On the first day soccer practise, Cody were looking for Brayden in the field,he spoted him and ran to him, and they are so exited to see each other, funny things is they both wear same number t-shirt..(we just simply pick a t-shirt on the day) what a co-incident.. must be faith..


Anonymous said...

they look like they are having so much fun...kiddy friends are nice..

The last piece "soccer boy" expecially nice man


Blogie-Talkie said...

thank you ET. Friend at their age is so genuine, reminded me my childhood friend's. I wonder how is she??