13 May 2007

IF- and spring flowers in the neighbourhood

My second entry for this week illustration Friday theme_Citrus..
Added grapfruits this time..
I took some snap shots of Spring flowers in the neighbourhood this morning.
I think maybe because of not a lot of rain up to these days of Spring, most flowers blossom are not the same compare with last year, this time last year flowers blossom everywhere already.
Somehow, I spotted one house with a lots of colorful Tulip planted infront of the yard. It's so Beautiful and cheerful., and other houses have a blossom crab apple tree, chokeberry trees and a lot of Pink flowers that looks like Sakura flowers.
There will be a Lilac (type of Spring flowers) festival held this weekend, so, I would like to go and check out the festival and snap more flowers pictures.
More to come.. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I like the green one more ! Hmm
feels so cool.

Flower pics are fantasic..so pretty


huisia said...

your photo shooting skill very good also :)

荦怡 said...


Mee Ling said...


Blogie-Talkie said...

Hey, thanks ET
the flowers blossom is very pretty in Spring, I will have more post up later.

OK lah,, still learning from others.. Thanks by the way.


Mee Ling

Mrs.Cheng said...