20 May 2007

My wishes was granted by my sister's E

"Wacom-tablet" Something I wanna have for Long time, here, my dear Si's E, bought me this for a special day. I really can't thanks enough to this sister's (and the oldest Si's P) who always granted my wishes. And dear hubby too organized everything from researched the product to set-up, contribute time, cares and $ to make it a completed set, all I do is just seat and start playing my new toy...Need to say more, I am a fortunate and a lucky person.. 我承認我是幸福之人‧多謝我家人愛載.. 好滿足 ! 滿足感,原來就這麼簡單。(哈!唔好俾佢停! I wish I wish for.......,, poor sister,, disappear before she goes bankrupt我姐換路走....‧) Above this is my first artwork using the tablet.. and below this is my boy artwork ..My boy used the tablet to draw me...I know! but hold you feet my friends, don't let this scare you,, this pictures and actual me have huge differences.. because he is an abstract painter.... phewwww.
仔仔畫媽咪..好怪喔! arr 大家請留步..我..我真唔係咁架 . 阿仔失手咋... 冇嚇趁你哋呱!


mama bok said...

Wow..!! you are totally blessed..!! i want a wacom tablet too.. for a long time now.. but i'm bad at drawing.. ;) so i'll just stick to free stuff on the net.. ;)

huisia said...

though i don't know what is Wacom-tablet, from the pictures i agak-agak guess it is used for drawing..suitable for you la, you are a great artist.

荦怡 said...

brayden's painting is nice lei....
your look cute in this pic.

May the Blogie-Talkie said...

year I am blessed at all time. Free stuff? you mean clipart or program?

thanks, thanks for the good words you always leave me,, I have a long way to go to be a good artist lar. but will keep on practice, practice make perfect mar!

haha, I am glad you can see the beauty of an abstract picture..

earthember said...

I see you've got a Wacom! Congrats! I'm sure it's easier to work in Photoshop now.