03 May 2007

Soccer game cancelled!

Looking forward to BB second game, but whole day raining, so the game cancelled.
However, BB not upsad at all, he loves playing outside when it's raining. Only because, he likes to check out the earth worm on the ground, he will pick them up and put them back in the soil area, he is a saver because he knews this worm is good for plants and flowers.BB is very chicken when come to bugs, but to worm or reptiles,, he has no fear. I am tickle when I see him picking up the worm with bare hand.. yark! but he yark me when I eat my durian last time!... what is my point? just being funny? did you laugh?I wanna dedicate this post to my oldest sister in Seremban, Malaysia. A greatest sister's I have who always praise my work and so much compliment thru her email. This is what she said to me...................................
" --> Thank you for the beautiful and very touching blog link.
it make me cry to see you have so much talent, your free spirit and caring personality.
-->I really like your grahic artwork, it is done with a lot of love place into it.
you deserve the compliment. Keep the good work going.
--> very artistic and full of fun and life. I like the background too, Good job my baby sister."

Hmm. I am speechless, all I can say to my sister is. thank you. I thank you and E who sponsor me taking some classes. you all always being good sisters and family to me. I salute!Thanks sisters!


huisia said...

i really admire your scrapbooking, how to make them look like 3D?

Blogie-Talkie said...

Thank you Huisia.
3D? which postare you refer to 3D?
Do you use photoshop?
I work as a deskstop publisher cum junior graphic designer in a newspaper company, PSD is one of my tool/software I use at work. in the beginning I took PSD basic classes, it took a lot of practise to discover the functions. I sneak and peak the magazine in Bookstore learning new tips, experience it and basically this is how I learn.

荦怡 said...


loshita said...

Yup, I am currently in Singapore.
Have moved there mid last month

Blogie-Talkie said...

thanks 荦怡..

Loshita my niece's
I hope you find your new life and be happy ever.