27 June 2012

老斗在Calgary 的身後事已辦妥

老斗在Calgary 的身後事已辦妥。大姐同二家姐会将老斗的 Urns 带回大馬交回大哥哥守孝,同時也会有為老斗舉行追思會,讓大馬子
Our father is rest in peace and awaiting to go home to KL, Malaysia to be reunited with our mother, Our Brother Leong is awaiting and preparing father Urns to returns. Brother, thanks for everything..
And to whom who came to the funeral service with your generous donation, to whom who post your sympathy, and phone texting during our time of loss. Your presence and your kind words are of great comfort to us. Thank you. 
p/s: Collected memorial donation will be donated to Wing Kei Senior Home and CCES Calgary.. Thank you for your generosity.
Above images from: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/sympathy-thank-you-cards.html

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