27 June 2012

Are we ever prepare enough?

Finally today I can have a quiet time for myself to rest and relief, my eyes is quite weak due to too many days of crying and stress. father is finally in peace, I am trying to rest so I can resume my usual activity.

The passed week was overwhelm for me and family, so thankful to Brother Max and Sister Ping coming from out of country and state to join us here to help, to mourn to walk together to say goodbye to father.
And I know Brother Leong who is still in Malaysian anxious to take part, he is mourning yet he is preparing for father last wishes, awaiting father urns to returns home, so that father can be re-united with mother in KL.

Do you know how much you know or how much you prepare for your final destiny?

There's never enough preparation, especially emotionally.
Everyone telling us how our father lived well, lived long, and he is in good place now.
We thought we are prepared as well, knowing he will be gone one day due to old age...
But it's never easy to say goodbye.

During this difficult time, you will need support, helping hand and some ceremony help to mourn. We had a simple Memorial service to to say goodbye, or to have it  to celebrate his life well lived.

I have all that, Thanks to my dear friend Jessie who help so much during the funeral service, thanks for her and her husband big heart for not being superstitious and go extra mile to help us running a smooth memorial services process. Thanks to Mimi who looking after my boy so we can have flexible hours to take care my father funeral services.

Thanks to My dear husband with me all this time, especially during the moment we held on to father hand to say goodbye.. it was hard, it was sad,, and my husband were there to support, to care..

A big thanks to my sister's E who looking after father everyday so that family member who have their own family can have excuses for not being there for father daily...

Of course there are many many of relative and friend offer their comfort to us in many different way...
There isn't enough Thank you for me and family to express...

I missed my father dearly, and hope he soon be reunited with mother....

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