04 August 2007

Vacation in B.C

hey, I am in Vancouver now, spending my vacations with my dear, my boy and my sister in law's Miranda family. We rented a van for 9 days, just fit for 2 family. Drove 10 hours from Calgary to Vancouver.
We've been to Tofino, Vancouver Island for 4 days (went on the ferries then drove 5 hours and reach the Cabin we rent, along the road, we stop by some attraction places), the last 4 days in Tofino, we spend time just with nature, Vancouver Island has many Provincial Park, Tofino is one of the attration areas where people come here Surf or hike and relax, we stay in Urqelet, a very small towns, not a shopping town, but if you like nature and explore the park, this will be a place. Mr. BT were our Itinerary planner, thanks to him who take so much time to search the places and let BB and the cousins appreciate the beauty of nature.
We only been to 3 hiking trails (there are so many trails), and we saw all kind of plants, huge trees, birds, deers, and a Black Bear eating berries on the road (we were in the car looking at the bear, this animal can be harmful). We also went on the beaches, collect shells and walk along the coast (the water is quite cold to swim, but boy love it), and near the beach we saw Star fishes, hermit crabs, clams and many many more.
Now we are back to Vancouver city near my brother's house. When in Vancity, we spending most time, Eat, Drink and Shop.


烦妈妈 said...

Happy vacation! what a nice vacation you have, May, envy you...hahaha.
Do enjoy!

bobo said...

mm.......share me some fresh air also.....

荦怡 said...

me too very very envy u lei...
so good to get near to natural...
enjoy yr holiday.

Irene said...

Hi! Dropped over from earth ember! Hope you don't mind.

Really great photos!

mama bok said...

Can't wait for your report on your vacation..!

May the Blogie-Talkie said...

Thanks, Hey, ai yar, don't envy me until you see my bills lar. I hope I can come visit you someday.

hello, thanks,,are you Yu's or friends or her? lovely cat you got there.

again when you see my bills, you will not envy me lor..Yes, the kids and us the adults enjoyed the nature so much, no city life, no pollutions.

Thank you,I welcome you anytime, Are you living in Vancity?

I am a poor writer lar, but I will post more pictures and let it speak for me,, thanks! Any Plan coming to west coast someday?