30 June 2008

today June 30th-my nephew's Bday!

It's June 30th @ 11.33pm, still make it to wish my nephew's W.H a Happy Happy and safe Birthday. He is working in Sudan for weeks now, it's was quite a place to work, many scary moments I heard, finally he is done with the project, heading home tomorrow, I just hope and pray he is home safe and healthy.


Zari said...

I pray he gets home safe and healthy too!

may he have a happy birthday and welcoming!

wonderful birthday card!

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Thanks for your wishes.
He is home safe now, but I heard there will be another project coming up and may have to return there, but it's in bigger city, I hope he will reject it!

Thanks, Zari!