04 December 2008

Tag - my facts!

I've been tag by Shannon..some one I met in IF community, also a great illustrator...
I am going to tell 7 interesting facts about myself..

I don't know what can I tell you? The fact is I am a terrible writer, I can't express well in lettering, mess in my grammar like my illo above, no direction in English language, blur in the air (can't think of a sentence to start for quite a long time), and empty head....perhaps my Art speak my heart are much better in wording.

I love to draw since a kid, but I don't think I am a great artist, I have never attend any art school, but I am lucky to have a day job as Graphic artist, the fact is dream does come true if you believe it! of course hard work play a big part..

I just found out something related to my health, I must look after myself well, the fact is I can't take life for granted!

At work, no one know nor believe my real age, the fact is I look young at my age!Ha..
Feel young, simple hearted, be happy and energetic is my secret of staying young! :)

I love to watch cooking shows and if the recipe trigger my temptation, regardless how late it's, I will still cooke it! The fact is I am a food lover but lousy cooker.

My last interview for my current job: They ask me why I want to work there, I said: I need a job, and you are hiring, I need income to feed my family and health benefits plan, this company can fulfill my need ! That's why. ..... They may want to hear other reason????? Are there?
Surprisingly, they hire me! The facts is I am honest.. :) of course I must been the right candidate! :)

one more fact to list,, Hmmmmm ............. the fact is I am tire, I must go to bed!

My next tag victim will be

fill the list later......ZZZZZZZZzzzzzz


Bella Sinclair said...

AH! What a wonderful surprise to find your facts here! Are you kidding? You're a fantastic artist with a distinctive and completely magical style. Your company is LUCKY to have you.

I hope your health concern is not too serious or long-lasting. :(


Carli said...

hi May. your illustration is so cute. I am so glad to see you posting again. I hope you are feeling better. take care of yourself.

Eric Barclay said...

It was fun reading about you! I think you are a fantastic artist. I hope your health concerns are not serious!

mp said...

You are doing okay my dear.
Your drawings help you speak a 1000words and beyond. Using your colourful cheerful pictures/illustrations speak your dream. Keep it going.
Cheers !! sis01

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Thank you for reading my FACT, Thanks for asking, well, it can be quite serious, but I will take good care myself and may the worse gone with the wind and forever dismiss.

To my Sister MP
Thanks for all your encouragements and support, I draw because you and others has given me great inspiration. Big Thanks to you and Fong for support me the tool to draw!
I will keep drawing