28 December 2008

To my family|家人放心!

I know my sisters are worry about me, I just wanna to say, I will be ok! So, here's the illo for them to let them know, no worry! I will take good care of myself!
Mean time, Look! Ah Boy lost his front teeth!

let me share my boy sweet and naive moments...

Last night, Ah Boy told me he doesn't want to grow older, when he reach 9 years old, he will return back to one year old baby and start again, this way he can stay baby forever, he said, he don't want to grow in teen age, (maybe because I feed him too much information about kid reach teen-age, act really weird, and it's parent night-mare handling children at this age!)
He also said if he stay as baby, we mom and dad will remain young and never grow old! :)
Chinese New Year is around the corner, I wish all Happy Chinese New Year, Year of OX!
I will have more card posted later.




仔仔:媽咪,以後再有這種人burry妳,妳跟他說:" I cannot talk to you now!"然後pretend妳smash the phone and hand up! Then 妳 walk away, a speed walk away!"

過了周日,第二天在我上班前,他起來跟我說:Have a good day, Mom!記得我尋晚同妳講D嘢啦! 唔好理D衰人!do a speed walk, walk away啦!



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