18 July 2008

transform garden flowers into fashion.

I love taking pictures on flowers during Spring time, these flowers photos were taken either in my yard or around the city. Today, I scan thru my photos folder and suddenly I have an inspirations............!
I've created the floral fashion show!
Spring Angel's Kissing the flowersClivia
Chokecherry flowers


SENTA said...

THese are gorgeous! I peeked at all your blogs, you have some amazing work!

Sweet Pea said...

Hi May,

You have to leave a comment here:
if you want to be entered into the book contest. It ends tomorrow, so you still have time - good luck!

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Thank Senta. thanks for dropping by here and leaving such nice messages

Sweet Pea
oh, Thanks! I make it! I wish I win.
Thank you for coming by informed me!

Chickengirl said...

oh I love the flower pics as fashion illustrations. So pretty!

rachel said...

love the floral costumes idea!