14 September 2008

Thank you for the Award....

I am so happy when I was noticed by Faruffa, one of great Artist who awarded me this spectacular award!
I am really flatter, and knowing artist who are talented giving you the honor. Faruffa is one of the great Vector artist I known thru IF community, her artwork is always make you feel relax to look at and the artwork is full of fine details. I always love going there to take a break, and enjoy her work! Check it out if yourself...

Another illo was given to me awhile ago, created by Rizal, a friendly artist from Malaysia, he is always a gentleman who is kind and well manner, he drew this to thank you many friends who drop by his blog, I was one of them. I really admire his talents in doing such a fine line artwork! Terima-kasih, Rizal.Now I shall pass out this award to keep the spirit going... here are my lovable blog-list ..
1) FARUFFA - I too love your blog..
2) Eric
3) Jess
4) Carli
5) Bella
6) Euginia
7) Joan
8)Miss Froggie
9) Jennifer
10)Paola DG
My list could go on,,, love to list all ... I know some of the blogger already got the award, but I still want them to know they are one of my favorites!
The rules for this award are:
1-Display the logo on your blog
2-Link back to the person you received the award from
3-Nominate 7 or more other blogs
4-Put links of those blogs on yours
5-Leave a message on their blogs so they know they've been nominated.


Anonymous said...

Oh May what a lovely surprise! Thankyou for including me in your favourite list, it's quite an honour!x :)

huisia said...

you're deserved it! just like me, like to read your blog when i want relax!

Faruffa said...

Thank to you May, your words have touched my heart, and for me are more important because I admire your work and your art, I'm breathless!!!
This illo is wonderful and I want to publish it on my blog :o)
(...sorry for my bad english)

Eric Barclay said...

May, thank you so much for including my blog! I admire your work so much, so this is quite an honor. Have a wonderful week!

Bella Sinclair said...

Oops, I left a comment, but I think it disappeared, so I will write it again.

HUGS HUGS HUGS! Oh, May, thank you so much. You are such a kind blogger friend and a wonderful artist. This means a lot coming from you! I always look forward to visiting here. By the way, I have a little something for you over at my blog, too.

Your work is better than ever. I hope this means things are looking up at work. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi again May, Thanks for the comment on my blog - I've actualy got round to nominating now! I visit your lovely blog regularly too! :)

mangosteenskin said...

helo may! dropping here from rizal's!

I like all your illos. all captures innerchild feelings, and make me thinks of loved ones!

Carli said...

Thank you May. I have been away for my blog for so long it's nice to come back to an award waiting. you made my day. thanks for being such a sweetie!

Joan Y said...

*GRIN* Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are so sweet to give me the award! I am going on a trip but will post the wonderful award and my recipients when I get back. Thanks again! You made me smile!!! P.S. I love your mooncake festival illustration!

Bella Sinclair said...

Hello, May! I have a very sweet award for you at my place. Please stop by when you get a chance.

Paola said...

Hi, Mayy! How sweet from you!
Thank you, I'm so honored! Yours is one of my favourite blogs too ^.^

yoon see said...

Congralulation to you all:
Faruffa, Eric, Jess, Carli, Bella, Euginia, Joan, Ms Froggie, Jeniffer and Paola DG.
How sweet to be awarded.
Well done and share the love around.

rizal said...

Thanks May for mentioning restnrileks..

Oh! i thought i had commented on this post. Weird!!

Anyway, thanks for the linky-love.

Happy blogging ya.

-J.Meyer said...

Thanks May!
I love your blog too. =) Its so happy and inspiring.

(sorry I didnt respond sooner!)