04 October 2009

Tortilla California roll. 墨西哥玉米粉薄烙餅加州卷

最近喜欢用Tortilla皮 ( 墨西哥玉米粉薄烙餅 ) 做California roll for 仔仔番学既Lunch。

Lately I like to make California roll with Tortilla wrap for my boy lunch.
I use Japanese mayo because that's the only Mayo I use at home! Ingredient is the same as California Sushi roll - imitation crab meat, cucumber, tortilla, avocado and seaweed.
Easy quick and best of all it's tasty!



Renee said...

May I have just been looking at your blog and your illustrations are just wonderful.

Your little boy is gorgeous.

p.s. these look delicious.

Renee xoxo

serline said...


MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Thank you Renee!
Very happy to hear from you!

THanks again Serlina!