12 July 2009

Birthday wish to Sister/Yee Ma

On behalf of the sister and family in Canada, we wanna to wish our most respectful eldest sister's A Very Very Happy Birthday and we love her very much! Ah Boy honoring a big cupcake to the great Yee Ma and wish her healthy and happy as always!
Have a wonderful time and free day with no worry with calories, just eat all you want!


yoon see said...

happy Birthday to your beloved sister May.
Ha..Ha...She must be very happy with your super cute and heartfelt dedication!

may1 said...

Thank you, for the delicious XXXL cupcake hand over by the cute young boy (Hei) wearing a apron and a chef tall hat.
It is well drawn and very
sweet of you to spend time on this
lovely card. I am proud of yr dreamy artistic work.
Love you always. Sis1