12 July 2009

I received a lovely phone charm! Tag

I wanna to thanks again the Bristyle community specially to Rasberry Pink Lauren the artist who sent me this lovely prize - Sheep phone charm. THANK YOU!
Couple weeks ago, Yoon See tag me with Fruits Photos Fun. Sorry for the delay, here goes my entry., come join us and play, please check here and have fun.
Above picture is Fruits I love, blueberries, and I make them become a tiny spiders....
It's Summer here, Cherries season.. Yumm..



yoon see said...

Hi May, you are so creative!
Love your spider grapes! So many of them, some girls some boys!!!
Randomly display!
Tag make a fun game right?
I really love the gesture of them, I can see your thoughtfulness here. Spending time to fine tune each spider. Yes, the secret is by looking through their eyes!
So cute! Super cute!

These cherries made me mouth watering, yum!
I love the yellow umbrella fill-in with cherries! The colours of yellow and mellon-pruple are so matching!

Phone charm again! Wow....

No wonder, you are so excited!

Karima Illustration said...

I love your blog! your drawings look amazing!