16 March 2009

Special gift to my boy!

Time flies.. the Prince is Seven in few days!
Happy Birthday, my son!

Note: He posed all this action for me because I directed him.
I wanted to make a special birthday card for him. I visualize him climbing on number seven, so I got him to pretend he is climbing.
In the actions, he was climbing on the sofa, jumping up and down, running around, standing still ( no more than 10 seconds, of course!) just like little monkey monkeying around...

We have lots of fun playing while taking pictures. We giggle, we shout CUT /Retake and make a mess... He did not complain this time (he dislike pose too long for pictures) because he too wants to be a Director and direct me to pose for him!
Of course, I do as I told, because I knew...
This will be the moment that last forever..........


Bella Sinclair said...

Happy, happy birthday to your birthday boy! What a fantastic picture of him climbing that seven! Great idea, and he is sooooooo cute!

My daughter just turned seven a few days ago, too. :)

p.s. Mmmmm, that's the best french toast I've ever seen.

Terrick said...

Wah~ you got SPAM here o. :)

Happy birthday to ah boy lar..
Haha.. The lar culture greeting style lar..

安雅媽媽 said...

happy birthday to boyboy

Sorrentino said...

Fun blog!! Your French Toast looks amazing!

D'Rimba said...

halo, ni hau ma?

jcdillustration said...

Wow, that is a cool card! I haven't visited in a long time, sorry. I always love to see what you're working on.

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Thank Bello, Terrick, Mrs Cheng all for being so kind and taking the time to drop me comments!

Yar, Try making the French Toast this way, You will love it!

Welcome D'Rimba. I am fine! Welcome you!

thanks for your visiting! you too have great illustrtion!