22 July 2007

A special Birthday wish to >>>

我還生气说阿仔吵了一晚上,睡不够,不吃了! 繼續去睡。
起來時,好脾氣的他還叫我吃雞蛋早餐,之後喃喃自語說煮早餐给兒子吃,问他今天是什麼日子,他說來說去都不是,叫daddy自已說...!我才醒過來....唉呀! "仔!今日係Daddy生日呀!"
立刻弄了新創生辰蛋賀大人‧好彩两個星期前早買了一張卡 (I know I may forget lor,, and I did!),寫好放在一邊早有準備..趕快送上..扮早有準備咁!
老公,莫見怪!(已慣了) 仔仔同老婆一向也蒙吓蒙吓!糸咪好可愛!
哪!隻蛋加tuna美味魚,有創意呱! 祝你生日好快樂!事事順利!幸福一萬年(因有我同仔仔嗎!)Happy Birthday to Hubby,, sorry, we almost forgotten your birthday, thanks for the hints this morning, we love the breakfast you served and in returns, I've make you a special Birthday treat (due to time limit, I think outside the BOX, I make you an eggs tuna treats to wish you A happy Happy Birthday........ Come on! i'ts the thought that count mar..)

In the Evening, we went to Shikiji Japanese Restaurant for Dinner,,
it was a good dinner with a reasonable price..Overall Satisfied! Life is good with ..............Food!OK OK,, Gain so many pounds lately,, Start my Food Diet Now! Serious?

20 July 2007


這個小小妁花展獻给遠方的一些朋友,對!像你/妳們這些訪客。歡迎到臨!To you all
Especially dedicated to Chui Pin, I believe you and your family moved back to Sabah from Japan months ago,, Wish you, hubby, FanFan, and another new member healthy and happiness alwaysAll these flowers pictures were taken in Vancouver in June, in my brother's neighbourhood .
Flower grow easily in Vancity, rain a lots and temperature is warm and damn, but then over there not as Sunny as in Calgary.
Calgary 雖是比較冷但是長年都有陽光尤其冬天一樣是陽光普照,被列為陽光之都,不過以溫哥華比較、Calgary的植物並不像那邊的長的多長的快,而且花種不多。
All kind of flowers and trees grow beautifully there, no wonder Vancity is one of the top city to live .

17 July 2007


Hallooooooooo For quite sometime I have not been active in blogs world, just being lazy..I still hop around to some favourites blogs site from day to day.
Have some update here To say hallooooo to you all here.
Summer is here, spending most time outdoor and watching HongKong TVB series.

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Calgary Stampede, Hee-Ha
The World larges 10 days outdoor event just ended last Sunday in Calgary.
We spent whole 12 hours in there on day 3 (family day, free admission until 9am), we still not able to finished watching or browse the whole place. Many things we miss out.
Boy had so much fun partly because he got many soft toys from playing games. He first thought he won it, but we explained to him, we the parent bought the tickets and actually we paid for it, there aren't free toy here, as matter of fact, those toy look petty bad, honestly I would rather buy nice one in ToyRus with the money we spent on those games, but is the fun that count lar..(sakit hati man, total 60 dollars on games and ride..)
Other than this, we watch the Superdog show, play at Kids Place, we also went to one of the exhibitions place (agricultural exhibition), a lot of things to see and learn here, I told boy this is a better place to be where so much see learn thru play, and some free goodies too, a healthy place to be ! ( especially for us the parent,fill with tons of fun with money spend less )
Really, it was so much to explore.. check out the photo below, where boy learn to milk.. cute yar!
Because I work for the Media, I get in free everyday, but I only spend 1 day inside the ground :( still have so much to see.. wait for Next year.
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Forgotten my dear sister's birthdays this month,
Sister's Ping in Seremban Birthday last Friday 13th. Happy Belated Birthday push-plush cutie from--> indeepop
Tana's Birthday on the 16th and
My other half-- husband birthday is on the 22nd..
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