20 July 2007


這個小小妁花展獻给遠方的一些朋友,對!像你/妳們這些訪客。歡迎到臨!To you all
Especially dedicated to Chui Pin, I believe you and your family moved back to Sabah from Japan months ago,, Wish you, hubby, FanFan, and another new member healthy and happiness alwaysAll these flowers pictures were taken in Vancouver in June, in my brother's neighbourhood .
Flower grow easily in Vancity, rain a lots and temperature is warm and damn, but then over there not as Sunny as in Calgary.
Calgary 雖是比較冷但是長年都有陽光尤其冬天一樣是陽光普照,被列為陽光之都,不過以溫哥華比較、Calgary的植物並不像那邊的長的多長的快,而且花種不多。
All kind of flowers and trees grow beautifully there, no wonder Vancity is one of the top city to live .


荦怡 said...


May the Blogie-Talkie said...

Thank you.
yes, all pictures in my blog are taken by my Canon-PowerShot A520.
unless it specify...

烦妈妈 said...

Ohhh...May...I'm so touched...when i browse down your blog...i have a feeling that you will dedicate a blog for me...and when i saw the flower pic...i just knew it...ohh...you are so nice, so thoughtful...thank you so much.
I just got the internet connected at home today...will write to you through email.