22 July 2007

A special Birthday wish to >>>

我還生气说阿仔吵了一晚上,睡不够,不吃了! 繼續去睡。
起來時,好脾氣的他還叫我吃雞蛋早餐,之後喃喃自語說煮早餐给兒子吃,问他今天是什麼日子,他說來說去都不是,叫daddy自已說...!我才醒過來....唉呀! "仔!今日係Daddy生日呀!"
立刻弄了新創生辰蛋賀大人‧好彩两個星期前早買了一張卡 (I know I may forget lor,, and I did!),寫好放在一邊早有準備..趕快送上..扮早有準備咁!
老公,莫見怪!(已慣了) 仔仔同老婆一向也蒙吓蒙吓!糸咪好可愛!
哪!隻蛋加tuna美味魚,有創意呱! 祝你生日好快樂!事事順利!幸福一萬年(因有我同仔仔嗎!)Happy Birthday to Hubby,, sorry, we almost forgotten your birthday, thanks for the hints this morning, we love the breakfast you served and in returns, I've make you a special Birthday treat (due to time limit, I think outside the BOX, I make you an eggs tuna treats to wish you A happy Happy Birthday........ Come on! i'ts the thought that count mar..)

In the Evening, we went to Shikiji Japanese Restaurant for Dinner,,
it was a good dinner with a reasonable price..Overall Satisfied! Life is good with ..............Food!OK OK,, Gain so many pounds lately,, Start my Food Diet Now! Serious?


huisia said...

happy belated birthday to your hubby.

you really forgetful ar..

juliayu said...




May the Blogie-Talkie said...

Thanks Huisia
I am quite bad in remembering anybody birthday... not good, will have to eat more pig brain to fix my problem lor..

Julia YU
suprised,, so happy you finally appear on my blog,, thanks for your greeting,, will let Sam know.. when will you start your own blog?

irenelim said...

the egg with tuna and fish, looks so nice from the photo,but the taste ler? NICE TOO? the dinner in japanese restaurant also great.