18 January 2007

Greetings to all.

新一年、新開始。我将會多D推出猪師奶家常小菜為我"婆樂家_Blog"添番一些可以吃得落肚旣俾大家一齊分享D廚樂無窮..Sorry,因科技问题.D相片暫時只能飽受眼福,不可能即時現场提供原汁原味菜式供享。。。唯一方法為只有"你/妳"---------自己煮了!(猪師奶煮德唔得..Err,,唔包好吃架!Your own risk.)

HappY 2007 New Year
Come take a peak in my new blogspot later, I will have lots of home make food pictures to be publish here soon! Welcome to B.T foody-goody........... Yer


Anonymous said...

wah...already a feast for the eyes..I love the blow bubble one.

now...abit slow for me cos 'm on dial up. Wait I get onto broadband and try gain and let you know if it's faster or not ok.

And HappY New Year! Love the artwork.


烦妈妈 said...

Hi...May, welcome back...
I can now viewing your blog without any problem. :D
love your food photos...yum yum!
no wonder Brayden enjoys eating so much...mommy's cooking must be very delicious! like the way you captured him savouring the food...

greenapple said...

very nice photos lah ... can you teach me how to corporate artwork into the photos?

will love to see your posts more often ... keep them coming!

Blogie-Talkie said...

E.t. Fanmama.greenapple. thank you for visiting drop down nice comment.

Greenapple, I may not able to explaine well in words, but if you like, send me some of your wedding pictures, I can do one up for you kar..

Anonymous said...

wah...greenapple you very lucky loh...I love blogie's artwork. plus GA's wedding pictures so nice..I wait huh!