28 January 2007

Christmas Turkey_Main course

My husband brother in Law's is a good cook. During the Christmas holidays, he will be the one cooking the main course_Turkey for dinner.
Most of the roast turkey in store or in Restaurant are dried and lack of taste, but not his, the meat is always cook to perfection, not dry but juicy and tender..
We really enjoy have him and his family over and to reconized his cooking skills, I vote him the best cook in roasting TURKEY meat, of course of all the meal he cooked for us.
This is BT's HomeMakers magazine looks with him and wife on the Cover.
Alfred and Miranda


烦妈妈 said...

yum...yum...i wish i could have a bit...haha...
i like your "award"...i first thought it's a magazine cover for your cookbook...haha...it looks so "magazinious"...haha

shiaulin said...


Blogie-Talkie said...

At least you still able to get it when you crave for it. Thanks for your compliment, just love my photoshop..

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