28 March 2010

Easter Holidays

Happy Easter everyone.


Faruffa said...

these photos are adorable, and the tecnique is great!!!
Happy Easter to you and your family :o)

yoon see said...

Happy day May:)

Yoke Peng said...

Hi, 靓c9: Your big day falled on "Wesak day" ya!"卫塞节"是 释加牟尼佛一生中的三件大事的大日子.降生,成道及涅盘都是同一天.您的生日有幸和佛陀同一天,正是难得.可见你也是我们这班老友的佛陀哦!
"Happy Birthday!:):):)

Yoke Peng said...

Hi May:
Remember to 浏览"阿丰美食心厨房".

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Ok Peng, you are great! I really glad to have a friend like you.

Hey Yoon See, Faruffa
Thanks for coming!