03 February 2010

Mood - eagle to draw something because the fire is on..

A quick sketch..
Chatting with my niece in Singapore about my dream job, I hope to set up a on line sale shop to start selling my illustration on print and on other product as well,,, keep the fire on,, I want to make this long time goal coming true..

I really love this picture, taken on my niece wedding day. Ah By love Kaya bread, especially Malaysian Bread, he will eat it day and night! Thanks to my sister Mia bought this lovely handsome shirt and bow tie for him in Taiwan..


yoon see said...

Keep up your good work.
I am happy you have thought of selling your artworks and other products. Actually, this is all artists' dream job. Our works need to be recognised and appreciated.

All the best to you.
Even, I have so little time for creation, juggling my health, teaching and practising piano and doing the chores. As my health comes first!

I am not too far like you May.
I am very busy too. Finding the time for creation, I can't stay late, I need to sleep at 10.30pm now and have a quality sleep of at least 8 hours.

I never give up, I am doing my best to fit in. Together we work hard for a better future.

All the best and God bless.

Ah boy so cute and handsome, your sister's so thoughtful. same, my family also the same. I wanted to buy some cabinets for bookshelves purpose, my family actually bought two for me during sale. They are so kind. I love my family.

Yoke Peng said...

人 家「双 喜 妈 妈 日 记』 下 个 月 将 出 书。 你 的 作 品 一 点 都 不 逊 色, 肯 定 会 引 起 共 鸣! 加 油 朋 友! 人 生 有 什 么 快 乐 过 做 自 己 想 做 的 事。 你 的 朋 友 和 家 人 一 定 会 以 你 为 荣 的!

Patty's Cottage said...

like your artwork, gambattee:)
there are many channel for you to sell your art work:) soon u can make it real.