15 February 2008

還沒吃過一頓過年餐!My CNY revolutions!

More than a week, I am sick, yes sick again. This time even worse, I caught FLU, and this sure one bad virus that gave me hell of a week. I spent 4 days in bed, I barely walk, for 5 days I can't eat nor feel like to eat. Finally I go back to my doctor again (first visit the symptom was not obvious, looks just like a cold), and this time symptom is very obvious that I had Sinus Infections...I am on my Antibiotic for third day now, I begin to feel much better, this FLU hit me really hard.
My new year Revolutions is just stay FIT, want nothing more!
From now on I have to start some exercise, a balance diet (eat more fruits lah) to get healthier ! Bad bugs, I warn you, stay away from me.......
Look at the foody-goodies that my sister brought back from KL. I am drooling, I must discipline myself in-order to enjoy all these goodies, until I am all fit and fully recover, I am not dare!
我從年三十晚病到年初六!今次這流行感冒令我行動不得吃不下,好幸苦呀!仔仔前幾個星期病倒了,過了幾天我開始發病,以為受感染,連忙跑去看醫生趕快醫好好過年嗎,可是當時醫生說我的病症並不同仔仔,當時病還沒發出,只叫我多休息,沒開藥我吃,誰知第二天我就倒了,病一發不能收拾!暈了幾天再回去見醫生,醫生說我中了Sinus Infection, 立刻給我吃藥,送我下樓,一回到家,藥一發功,我吐的半死!我的胃受不了因為沒進食好幾天囉!幸好我這家庭醫生每天打電話check我,吃過藥第三天(今天)精神好多了!


墮天使-祥 said...



mama bok said...

A good resolution for sure..! hope you are feeling better now.. :) take care. .and have a great weekend.. :)

Earthtone said...

This was bad.I wish you good health for the new year..!
Be Strong!
Take more Vit C and look into lifestyle. Or izzit the flowers?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! Sambal! You really show how you love it! This take me back to our old happy time where we went searching for good food and how you couldn't resist all those spicy food.
Take care in order to enjoy more wonderful stuff in our life!
- Julia -

huisia said...

how are you today? getting better?

MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

Thanks all.
I am feeling much better, I finished my medications that gave me lots of side effects, but I still finished it,, very brave........

you mean the arrow root plants?

yer,, can't live without Sambal,, those old days sure bring me lots of joy with food and friendship.