29 February 2008

Long bean Omelette 長豆角炒蛋

吃這道菜時,有一種懷久的味道在心中暗暗像潮水湧上來,彷佛回到小時候吃媽媽煮的這一道菜--長豆角炒蛋。媽媽雖然離開了我們二十載多,不過留下給我們兄弟姐妹的這種回憶永數不清,這就是媽媽留給我們的財富!無價寶!媽,謝謝您!I cooked an easy meal last night, a dish that my mother use to make for lunch or dinner, a dish that remind me so many good old days with my mother, this would be a Valuable Wealth that my mother has given to all of us, and it's as good as gold! A Wealth that I will keep all the time to remind me of my mom..
We missed you, mom! and Thank you!


mama bok said...

We donch have long beans here.. :( saw some in the city .. and they were awfully pathetic.. so i didn't buy any. Yes.. a real valuable wealth.. :)

Mrs.Cheng said...


MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

or,, this kind of veggie are maybe more for Asian favorites, if it's not too many Asian around, will be a slow turn around product, and it sit and sit for months, it gets really bad then.