24 February 2007

Birthday Wish to my dear Friend's Irene

Today, Feb 24th. One of my real closed friend's Birthday.

Happy Big day to You.........Irene

14 February 2007

09 February 2007



08 February 2007

what lah!

so mad,,,,,,,,, spend the last hour create and edit photos in my photoshop, the bloody window shut down without a backup file....... Aiyarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
but this one here save before the the program die on me.The last couple of days, been snow snow snow, not too cold, but just snow, road condition is bad, visibility is ok, but very slippery.
The snow is so light, soft and beautiful while falling on the ground. I managed to snap a few pictures around my work office, just can't resist to capture and to share but while driving around town, there are many many places looks so pretty than in the pictures here .
I like snow that fall lightly, slowly in the cool air and it's ok to snow like this for days.
When some time it snow heavely(usually with storm and windy) than I would rather stay home and get comfy in my couch. (only if it snow storm on my day off lor!)
Too much snow is a headtache, when the wheather turn warm, snow start to melt in daytime, when come to night time, the melty snow turn into black shiny ice, most areas will be so slippery and cause many traffic accidents. It brings lot of problem during this wheather conditions. For kids, they just love it! and boy boy just love to taste the snow flakes. Thank god, we have clean air and I hope the flakes is not contaminated!

04 February 2007

sister Elaine Birthday

February 4th. A Birthday Wishes from Us
to my sister's Elaine.
With Health..Joy..Wealth.

02 February 2007

February_ lots to Celebrate

February 2007 February is always a busy months and with lots of celebrations go on. There's Chinese New year, my Father and Both sisters birthdays, My good Friend's Irene Birthday, Curtis my god son's Birthday, a good Malaysian Friend's birthday and Canada Family Public Holidays.... Just can't get enough..
This pictures here is my new experience, took the pictures with running water and touch up in Photoshop. (click pictures to enlarge)
For U

Coffee and Nasi Rendang

Coffee to start?How you like yours serve? Do you like yours with cream and sugar?
Do you bother how you want your coffee make? I mean do you mind your coffee make from Instant coffee or only with fresh ground coffee beans and fresh brew?
I am not a big coffee fan, I can live without it. I don't mind drink instant coffee when I first started to drink coffee, but eversince I started fresh brew coffee, I find the instant coffee taste funny. So, now, I like mine brew fresh with milk and sugar.
How about yours?

Nasi RendangI would like to dedicated this meal to Mamabok. Someone who I though of whenever I cook typical Malaysian food, I am sure you miss this homefood where you may have difficult finding the ingredient to cook with..
There is an Asian Supermarket just open near my house, about 5 minuts drive.
Many food supplies in the Store, lucky me it's so convernient to buy almost anythings (Malaysian or Asian Groceries) there.
Janet, I know your town don't have too many Asian groceries available, I shall find some time to send you the packages next time and you too can taste the home cook food to ease your craving, yar?

01 February 2007

To my sister_Mia

Happy Birthday to Mia......
my third oldest sister. .. . :@