08 February 2007

what lah!

so mad,,,,,,,,, spend the last hour create and edit photos in my photoshop, the bloody window shut down without a backup file....... Aiyarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
but this one here save before the the program die on me.The last couple of days, been snow snow snow, not too cold, but just snow, road condition is bad, visibility is ok, but very slippery.
The snow is so light, soft and beautiful while falling on the ground. I managed to snap a few pictures around my work office, just can't resist to capture and to share but while driving around town, there are many many places looks so pretty than in the pictures here .
I like snow that fall lightly, slowly in the cool air and it's ok to snow like this for days.
When some time it snow heavely(usually with storm and windy) than I would rather stay home and get comfy in my couch. (only if it snow storm on my day off lor!)
Too much snow is a headtache, when the wheather turn warm, snow start to melt in daytime, when come to night time, the melty snow turn into black shiny ice, most areas will be so slippery and cause many traffic accidents. It brings lot of problem during this wheather conditions. For kids, they just love it! and boy boy just love to taste the snow flakes. Thank god, we have clean air and I hope the flakes is not contaminated!


烦妈妈 said...

LOL...i always hit on the save icon just to avoid that kind of situation happenned...it's really heart broken if you lost your stuff...especially after spending so much time till you eyes almost fall out...haha...

The scenes are so picturesque...I like that kind of slow lazy snow too...just like "Winter Sonata" (bet you'd watched this famous korean series)

Give me a hug to boyboy.
and May, take care...

Anonymous said...

wow...what beautiful snow scenes. Thanks Blogie for posting them.

I have not touched snow in my life before. Maybe except those in the fridge, if that counts..


Blogie-Talkie said...

I know, I know, but I was too concentrate and delay delay... ai!
Oh, I rally watch Korean Series, just because my husband usually got me HongKong Series or cooking show only, So, I watch what I got lor..
Yar,, my turn to hug hug FanFan..

come, come visit me in Winter time, BoaBoa will sure enjoy it too. I Welcome you.