26 April 2007

nieces birthday

I almost forgot about all my nieces birthday this month..
There is S.F in KL, young Elaine in Vancouver..
Happy Birthday girls.


huisia said...

happy birthday to your nieces..
your scrap very nice!

loshita said...

Thanks for remembering my birthday!
This was the first lonely birthday i have in my life...
Can browse my blog if have time. I updated some and save a lot in draft that haven't publish yet!

Mrs.Cheng said...

happy birthday to Elaine.

Blogie-Talkie said...

Thank you Huisia.

Loshita.. are you in Singapore now?

多謝!我用photoshop囉!妳用Photoshop嗎?妳可以用D simple program for digital scrapbooking,比較easyD..email 我再寄D link 俾你啦!