23 April 2007

buddy at play

"Wow,,,,, job well done, Son" in mother or his Aunt's eyes, this is a Master piece.
Boy Boy is really closed to my sister's E. She got a lot of patient with him, and he got a lot of love to her. Kids are simple minded, when they can feel the genuine love, they will returns tons of love..
E can spend whole day playing with Boy Boy, and she will listen to him whatever he likes her to do, how to play, what to play.. Just like this picture here, he wants his Aunt's to sit on the chair for him to draw a portrait..
She spoil him. Honestly, Most parent like their kids to beloved by anyone..especially family members. E not just spoiling him, she very kind to my family, I really appreciate her loves to us.
(mind you, I too take a lots of granted on my sisters... like get them take me out dinner or get me some goodies..all because they are my older sisters, they got no choice! Wahahaha ( maybe they do?) The real reasons is I always being a nice, well behave and lovable sister lor :P .
Not to forget to mentioned my oldest sister in Malaysia, a sister's who have a good heart and with lots of unconditional love to our family,
I really appreciate and thankful to this family. 我..真的不枉此生! )This is baby boaboa, Et's son.. thank Et,, you are a very kind person!


huisia said...

baby boaboa is twinmom's nephew? wow, so big liao..time really flies..

Blogie-Talkie said...

yes,Huisia, it's Twinsmom's nephew ZiHeng.

烦妈妈 said...

仔仔 is so talented...what a nice piece of art! brilliant! well done, 仔仔!

Blogie-Talkie said...

Thanks ChuiPin