30 November 2006

Congratulation !

Congratulation to Alan & ChuiMei.


Earthtone said...

May, your photoshop works are so beautiful..
why not start a service to design for other people ? :P

also, your website maybe becos very graphic heavy, I always kena stuck when come here. or explorer will hang one...just feedback.

Tracy said...

I do agree with Earthtone dat I'm having problems visiting ur site too. I thought I was the only one having the problem and there was something wrong with my pc. Dat is why when I visit ur blog, I'll visit once in a while and read ur posts sekaligus (no offence, okay?)

Blogie-Talkie said...

Thank you so so much,,, for your feedback, E.T and Tracy, ,so so Sorry, I know that must be frustrated? sorry ar,, Actually I have received a few complains from friends verbally and on email,,and even when I open my blog at work, it will freeze up..I thought maybe the "Internet Explorer" the browses do not support lor, I use Firefox browses at home,, Hrmm,, I think ET is right lar,, yet I don't know how to trouble shoot the problem lor.. I may have to re-create another blog and reduce my all my pictures file size..

Har,, Design matter.. I am not good eonough for the Market wor, I just do for fun.. I will be a terrible business person,, my networking is terrible, my work is not consistent, my mood swings, my time management is lousy... ai,, Just not good enough, but really thanks for your compliment. Maybe when I find a partner who can tolelate my weakness,, har then.

烦妈妈 said...

May...this scrapbooking is great...i like it when u blend the photo with the wordarts...i tried to do that but the effect always turn out bad...:(

ps: i have the same problem as others when visiting your blog, I thought my network connection is slow...:P