15 August 2007


I am Home now, I am back to Calgary, back to my own bed, my kitchen, my garden and my regular routine for weeks now..

After weeks of outside of home and on the road (vacation itinerary), eating outside food, staying in motel sleeping strange bed,,,, I missed my own so much (even bringing my own pillow along still no help).

Now everything back to normal, yet I kind of missed the no work, no schedules and wake up every morning just taking the time kind of lifestyle. (aii,, who doesn't!)

The worse things is now I am making a very critical decision,, about my WORK! I am pushed to the wall! my patient is running out..

Sorry I have not reply any of your comments, firstly is because hubby reconfigure the computer and secondly the work is really bother me, I am taking a short break here, until things settle, I will be back.

ChuiPin , got your email,, thanks for keeping in touch, Glad to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

Glad that you had a great time!
Take care and take it easy huh...Will check by now and then.


May the Blogie-Talkie said...

Thanks ET

bobo said...

Hey May, its me, Bobo again. Just to invite u to my new blog. U can know Julia news through me lah. Notice that u re in my friends' list. Hope u don't mind to ve a cat as ur friend.

May the Blogie-Talkie said...

bobo the kitty
the more the merrier, how can I resist a sweet cat and blogger like you, Thanks for your visits..
I am in your friends list? you refer to Julia Yu? An artistic lady and my long time old buddy..