24 March 2008


Thanks for the lovely comments and Birthday Wishes!Mommy and Daddy kept their promises, they promised to get me birds for my Pet on my birthday! Daddy bought a baby budgie and 3 older budgies with big cage from somebody who can't take care of them, now I have big responsibility because I need to take good care of them and love them!
愛我的寵物 -



terricktay said...

Now it is easier to create an album for your artwork. Just upload all the artwork to photobucket.com, u can view them like this:

Bobo Cat said...

It's a big responsibility to take good care of your pets, I'm sure you'll do a good job, ZaiZai. They're so beautiful, have you give them names yet?

shiaulin said...

Happy belated birthday to you 仔仔!

Mrs.Cheng said...

仔仔:生日快樂,快高長大,聴爸媽的話,be a good boy.