12 March 2008


For 10 years living in this house, we've finally cleaned up the basement! We been stuffing so many things in there, sometime hardly walk around. We always wanna to organize the place but we just did not act on it, as a matter of fact, we keep throwing more stuffs there, we hardly go down to basement since (no eyes see qua !).
Last year, hubby friend's given him a used table-tennis (with missing legs), Ping-Pong is a sport that he loves so much, so, he is anxious to have it set up, so he can practice and play whenever he likes. He is urged to clean it up, it took us quite some time to re-organized the basement, trash useless stuffs, donate goods and box away stuffs, I can't believe how much stuffs I found and I forgot about it, boyboy were helping but he looks more like treasure hunt than cleaning up, it's good to have this massive clean up, let me get organized my stuffs and stop buying duplicates! After Daddy did most of the clean-up, his brother in-law finished installed the custom made legs on the table, they celebrate...! Ever-since they spend most time down in the basement...
Here are video-clip on boyboy showing off his PingPong skills..

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