03 December 2007

BoyBoy and BaoBao 孩子們感動我的心

Today, when I hopped to ET's blog, and we (me and my boy) watched the video, it was so special to know .. Thank you! And it inspire me to draw this, I drew this pictures of two boys, my boy Brayden and ET's boy BaoBao, I was thinking about the moment when my Boy meet her Bao-bao..
For you ET and BaoBao.

一幅插畫是因為我被感動! 有時一点点好聽的話或著是用一些行動來告許我這些作品是被支持的是那麽令人動!這幅畫你是否能感應到呢?

Below Christmas card specially drawn for Terrick, who always help me upload my stuff to my blogs and managed my blog site,, did you see the tabs up there? All of these work was done by Terrick! Thank you Terrick!
Please check out the stuffs in the tabs! And if you like please tell us what you think! Enjoy!


Bobo said...

very very beautiful, love it.

Anonymous said...

My 8 year old nephew just came visit, I show him ur drawings, he like it very much. he said mine is just so so but yours is very beautiful and colourful. Oh! my heart broken! ^o^


Anonymous said...

Still marvelling at your speed of production!


MamaBoK said...

Wow..!! yer too nice..!! and fabulously talented..!

MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

Thank you Julia
Hahaha,,I think he just teasing you, he knows you will respond to his naughty comment, Yours is neat and creative, I say there is no comparison kah!

Thank you,, when I have mood in certain pictures, I will have good speed time, if not, take me ages still can't draw a single line..poor me!

Mama Bok,
did you received the email from me? I sent your the illo I drew for you already.