04 December 2007

My first Christmas Present. (Part 1)

Today, I drew a precious moment in my childhood life. I also dedicated this to my three sisters especially to my eldest sister's MPing in Malaysia, my cousins too.

In the old days, my family is quite poor, with 6 kids to feed, mom and dad have no education background, they work hard labor, my oldest sister's is the one who take care all of us while parent gone to work. Feeding us is a huge expenses, never mind having toy to play.

We heard many story about Christmas back then, about Santa Claus brings toys to kids during Christmas day. Many kids are dream to be the lucky one who Santa will bring them one toy, that's all, and we just need one toy.

When I was about 6 or 7 years old, that year, my oldest sister decided to gave us (2 sisters and I am the youngest, and my 3 cousins) a special celebrations for Christmas day (just giving us the fun and joy of Holiday), she took us nearby village where we live to hunt for a Christmas tree. And I drew the moment when we were all out there looking for it. (Oh, I still have 2 big brothers, they were in their teenagers, they not in to this childish plan qua!??... I can't remember where were they,, probably chasing girls that time.)

This was a special moment, a classic moment that in my memory that last for last time. I thank you to my Eldest sister MPing for doing such a memorable event for us, making us believing dream can come true. Thanks! Sis.

(To be continue....)

(One reason why I always write English and Chinese Version, is because my eldest sister is a banana, she was English Educated-- an Assunta Grade student.. my nieces and nephews in Canada too a banana, also my buddy in KL also Banana,, but I have buddies who Chinese Ed, just like me! So I wrote in both languages, not that I am good in both languages, mind you quite broken, though. Hey, those who know me, understand me alright lar !!)


MamaBoK said...

Very nice.. ;) Definitely good memories worth keeping. :)

Bobo Cat said...

oh! May~~ every time visiting ur blog giving me new surprise, u re extremely good!

MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

Mama bok
yer, my childhood life is full of good, sweet and some biter memory too,, but most of them are very lovable, I will draw more later.

mana, mana... I think it's my Photoshop help me to do alot painting on the picture in more fancy way and a bit save time too, if i have to paint traditionally, I am in big mess..

Anonymous said...

Your sister's great. Drawing makes the memory sentimental..