05 December 2007

Boy Boy performing in tonite concert! 表演會

Tonite. is the nite, boy boy will perform his First Kindergarten Christmas Concert in his school.

He told us: " Mom and Dad, I am performing tonite, you all have to come and watch!OK?"

Of Course, my master! We will not want to miss it in the world!

今晚仔仔有份参加学校舉行的聖誕節演奏會, 雖然不是第一次上台、不過是仔仔第一次在幼兒班表演哦!今晚一是會很精釆喲!


Anonymous said...

show video? what is he performing ?


MamaBoK said...

Wow..!! that's great..!! can't wait to watch him.. ;) on youtube.. ;)

MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

Sorry ET, mama Bok
I video it but my usb adapter is broken, so I am waiting for my replacement to send in, and my Geek Squad (my husband)will fix it up for me..stay tune! yar..

Mrs.Cheng said...

放上來,讓我們也可以看到boy boy的精彩表演.