29 March 2007


仔 仔 love cereal and milk, pancake with maple syrup & sprinkle for breakfast, very Canadian boy,, not his mommy, very Malaysian Chinese,, noodle soup, laksa mei, nasi lemak..ect..........will be my choice.
Mangoes cake from 仔仔 birthday party.........yummmmm!
其實阿仔比較喜欢某種蛋糕既,(甜到漏!係佢taste屎好鬼佬架! )好彩五歲嘅佢冇乜所謂,我哋order咗D交為大衆口味蛋糕吃。


Anonymous said...

If makan like gwailo, he's going to be a very big guy next time lor..

yuks, I dislike milk and cereals, even though I eat it for breakfast...for health's sake.


huisia said...

Haha..mummy so bad la..son's birthday but no ordered his favourite cake!!

Blogie-Talkie said...

I know E.T. My colleague's told me he looks like big size boy,,not fat but mucho type lor.. I think I have to watch his diet,,
Healthy food always tasteless, hey but it's worth it. (ha, I too dislike it, I don't eat it often.)

Like I say, he cares more about the party fun, not the cake, so, I better of buying a cake for everyone to enjoy lor(until he care about it, will just take the granted now). But for sure Twinsmom will hate it, she is a food hater,, never like food, never mind mix it in cake,,, hahaha