25 March 2007

Wedding Wishes, 仔仔 pets

Congratulation to Blogger 「Greenapple and Tomato」...百年好合......愛足一萬年.......

Brayden's Little Pets仔仔toy pets.
He wish to have pets like Turtle, Birds, Snake or Camelion.
Snake? No way, I can't handle 蛇蟲鼠蟻,also We don't think he is old nor mature enough to get pet like this, We bought him this "little pets toys" to fullfilled his dream for pets awhile ago, he being collecting them since. "sorry boy, until you are older and responsible, you will have to play with this little pet for now."
This toys is tiny, has cute big eyes and wobbling head, it also have a magnet under a foot,
boy boy sometime will stick it on a medal, in a cage or hiding it. It looks so cute and fun to play with. (when it's new and fresh!.. soon will seen else way or no way found!)
it's so adorable and irressible, so I too collect a few for myself.
Just turn FIVE...

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