14 May 2006

Flying Kite with daddy

Finally BoyBoy get to play the Kite, Daddy took him to soccer field flying this turtle kite
(My buddy Irene bought this for him on his 4th Birthday).
We live quite close to Airport. I capture both flying objects together.
Actually the kite is not that high, both look so close together, for a second thought, I wonder we can fly a kite there?


Tracy said...

Nice turtle kite there. For a moment I was wondering how the kite flew so high. Haiya, photoshop again, rite?

Blogie-Talkie said...

Hey,, taking a break at work, early blog hopping....
I only touch up to make the two object pop up, it actually a real photos. The turtle kite is high up but not as high as the Airplan. My digital Zoom can't zoom in close enough and it gives a wrong impression that the turtle kite is flying close with the Airplan.

Twinsmom said...

LOL... 好得意啊,晤知龟识飞添,重飞到好高,想同飞机比喔。


Sue said...

Your blog very nice leh... but hor, me so babnana cant understand those in Chinese... but nevermind :) I still think kite flying is great, maybe I should bring Ivan out for it too :)

Zara's Mama said...

Wow.. the kite quite big huh?? Brayden must be very happy to get to finally fly his kite.

Greenapple said...

houses in Calgary are pretty! honestly I look forward to migrating to Canada too after a few years in US. I could apply now (to immigrate, that is), but for some specific reason we can't do it yet. I would love to settle down either in Vancouver, or Calgary.

I really love Vancouver. What do you think?

1+2mom said...

Very nice and cute photos & kite :)
Your shooting photos very nice and pro ler.
That turtle kite should be so outstanding compare to other type of kite.

Jesslyn said...

your place so windy now har? the kite fly so high!! the turtle kite look like draw by PS ler! so nice!

Blogie-Talkie said...


Thank you
My writing skill very terrible, so I let my pictures speak for me.

Z's mama
Yer,,, he is very happy to flew this kite with daddy, but it's daddy do all the work, he just stand beside and tell him how to fly

I email you my thought

Thanks, I am trying to take as much as possible, I am sure there will be couple one that are good to publish in my blog, still learning to use all the function in the camera.
The kite is really cool and colorfull. Thanks to my friend.

Blogie-Talkie said...

Ya, the turtle kite is colorfull, fly up high in the sky are like an art piece fly away

荦怡 said...


AsleyLee said...

The kite is so cute!
Wah, as high as the plane!