16 July 2008

Listern to the children says..

a quick collage, no specific title.....


Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture!x

rizal said...

Aloha May,

Cute! as always..

Love the background sound..hehe..makes me happy laahh

ohhh.. may, wanna join an ATC swap.. i am hosting the second one after 1st done by manggo.

Kalau berminat sila check kat laman saya yaa..

terima kasih..

heppi blogging ya

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Thanks Jess, thank you!

mesti join lah, sudah left a promised in your blog, kawan!
Terima Kasih for inviting me in this wonderful ATC crowd!

Faruffa said...

Woooow that adorable mix of reality and fantasy !!!