25 June 2006

Snow in Summer ?

Snow in Summer??
Actually No,,, This is cotton looking fir (Pollen),
falling off from Old big and Mature Poplar trees,, flying all over the city.
I captured this cotton looking pollen on the ground near my office.
Neat Yar !! (except people with allegy will hate to see this !)
It's just like snowing when the Pollen flying on the air,, and on the ground,, it looks just like pile of snow.


烦妈妈 said...

talking about allergy...people here in japan is allergic to pine pollen...it happens during summer n spring too.

Blogie-Talkie said...

I know,, a lot of people have allergy with this time of the year.
What about your end? a lot of pollen flying around?