04 June 2006

Biking day

After Saturday Lunch, we went to Deerfoot Mall parking lot where there is a mini Fun fare going on, a few children or adult rides and some game stands.

Brayden first daring on some ride!! He was so scare and hessitate trying any ride before this.

Surprisely this time he said he wants to try, and he tried on a few kids slow ride.
So happy he is ready for some adventure.....a good start.......... :)


In the Evening, we joined Sister in Law (Gu Ma) family, Hubby brother's Mike, Niece's Michelle and Husband and Grace together for a Biking day.

We went to Glenmore Reservoir Bike trail. Alfred (Brother is law) is an expert in Bike, he tune all our bike and have so much knowledge about bicycle. He knows what is good Bike, and a good bike sure make different! Sure a good investment if you like Biking. (Lens Armstrong is his idol).
He influenced hubby a lot in this spot. Both of them very fit.

Biking, is a good family activities in Summer time.Hubby ride Brayden at the back seat (added about 40 lbs, being a regular biker and exercise a lot, this challenge is not a problem at all). Boy boy enjoyed it as his favourites cousins ride along together.

As for me? I am terrible lar,, with no regular exercise, I am trying so hard to catch up with them....... I managed to finished the whole trail, but there are few uphill I can't make it, have get down and walk instead.. (the next day I have no muscle pain ler except my butt is a bit sore,, perhaps not ride hard enough? so, this afternoon, Hubby make me get up and ride to the park again with Brayden.)

The whole trail is quite nice, we ride along the Reservoir, the sceneries along the trail is quite attrative as I saw a snake lar , beautiful wild flowers and small wood forest.Small incident happend, Grace had an accident.
For being new in this trail, unfamiliar route, few areas have some dangerous downhill, she crash and felt down, but everything cool, no major injuries (One tough lady she is).

About 2 hours from start to finished (can be less as we stops many time waiting for others in the intersection). it was 8:30pm, still sunny, Sunset is about 9:30pm.

We ALL have a good ride.This is Another of my Life's Simple Pleasures.. Being with family members,, keeping fit, enjoy nature.


Egghead said...

plenty of outdoor activities wor! good for health and mind!

mumsgather said...

Looks like such fun!

1+2mom said...

i also so long didnt ride bicycle, hope still remember how to ride..hehe.
Nice place and good exercise.

Zara's Mama said...

Wow.. the biking expedition really looks good!! All like pro!

The thing about North America is there are so many nice nature trails to explore.. Aaah.. envy!

leecs said...

hmmmmm i finally recall why i should get myself a wagon liao!!!!

to bring along bicycles for outdoor activities!!! hehehehehe

thank you...

Twinsmom said...

so stylo-mylo...!!! so cool.

eh, I like the tree picture, nice... :).