04 June 2006

Exploring at Calgary Zoo with Twotwo

Last Saturday (May27th) My sister's Elaine(Brayden greet her TwoTwo) have a company Party in Calgary Zoo.
She invited us (except Hubby have to work OT, he cant' go with us) , Brayden is so exited and mark his calender weeks before this.
We join the party, eat,drink and play,, The Zoo's staffs performed a show for the kids, and also some hoola hoop contest for kids and Adults, My sister almost win but lost to a young fellow, came in second.

Then we browsed around the Zoo,, too bad the weather was lighty rainy and cloudy,, the Flowers garden didn't look alive even with colorfull flowers.

We didn't stay too long, not enough time to go to Dinosaur Land and other attration as Brayden have a performance in his Auntie "Gu Ma" Churchs.

We went to My sister in law Miranda house (Brayden's Gu Ma) for dinner before heading to Church. My Brother in Law Alfred is a good cook, he make this wonderful dishes for us,
Best Soya ChickenBest Ox-tail with "tofu skins"For Dessert.. Hubby bought my favourites----> "Tiramisu"A Japanese baker who make the best tiramisu in Calgary, it taste so different from Original Italian Tiramisu, I guess the cake make it so light and not too sweet(very creamy, yummmm), just right for me and all of us think it's the best Tiramisu . (Maria, I am sure you like this too, a lot of Marcaspone Cheese ler,no fruits, you cheese lover!)

After meal, we all went to Church to see Brayden's and classmate performance.........
so funny,,, Brayden not really singing the song (in the picture, he actually imitate the goose sound,, and funny things is it's so match with the melody... , poor boy, he still thinking he's in the Zoo.
This is one of my Moments of Pleasure.. Being with my sister my own family is a joy,, seeing my son are love by my family is a joy and happiness. Knowing my son will respect and love in return to my family is my moments of pleasure.


Zara's Mama said...

Aiyo.. how come your w/end is so fun filled!!

Jealous jelous jelous!

irene said...

ya lor..so enjoy the weekend o..Brayden must be very happy and beside that can learn a lot..

ur brother in law so good in cooking ler..hungry now