30 January 2010

give away by CATA - my dream vacation.

One and Only, Beautiful handmade bag that specially created by talented artist CATA.
I am writing this post to tell you how much I wish to own the bag, because I always love bag that are exclusive and beautiful made by talented artist, plus when you carry the bag, people will admire an eye catching creativity, beautiful bag, when people asking about the bag, I am happy to say, it's exclusive!

Click and visit Cata gives away, you will see why I can't resist this beautiful exclusive bag that she is giving away. She also ask to write about your Dream Vacation as a entry to the draw..

I just had my mini dream vacation, I went back to Kuala Lumpur Malaysian a month ago, I got to spend precious time with my dear family, and friends. The purpose of this trip is to attend my dearest sister daughter - JC wedding. I was thrill with the event and so happy to get to see and hug all my dearest family members, the fun part is I participate to organized the party.. :)

The best part about this trip is my son came with me and it's his first trip to visit where his mom was born and raised. It's not a just a vacation, it's one of his highlight of his life ,I hope he will hold on those precious moments, memorable exploration on other side of the world where his mom, aunts always talk about.
He spent great fun time with his new friends and hope he will always remembered all my close family. I consider this is one of my priceless treasures to him, and hope he will always be contented with memories and time he had spent there.

A Dream Vacation to me is - United with all my close family my siblings, of course with their own family too.

I find when you get older, you most memorable highlight of your life is your childhood, no brainier time. To capture the flash back and warmest time that gone by, sharing the cherish moment, laughing the olden days, and your parent is around to listen, to participate the conversation.. ..

People said " Life is about the journey, not about destination !" I treasured my childhood journey, I cherish now and look forward to the future, hope to bring the same to my child, my family and to the children I love...

Last, once the bag go to any good home (lot of CATA fans entering the draw), it will be the fun journey for the bag...


Yoke Peng said...

写 的 好! 希 望 你 可 以 脱 颖 而 出。
Sure win!Good luck.

yoon see said...

Yeah, I read about Cata's giveaway too. So gorgeus and hope you can win! All the best!