03 January 2012

My third day of new year is ruin!

It's New Year, and I didn't have a good start with my neighbour.
Especially the man in the family, Selfish and Ignorance!

He thinks he knows it all, and command about he knows what kind of women I am and knows that my husband style, he thinks he is the man in the family who has ball.
But he is just one small person with eyes that are lower on the ground!
I have no respect to this man and think I will ever be like before. I can't stand anyone who under estimate my family members and thinking they are best of all...

His kids and friend are outside playing on the ice rink at their backyard, they were banging the puck on the fence and wall, making loud noise at 10.30 at night, I kindly approached them that my kid have school tomorrow and I have work tomorrow too, He said he can't stop the kid having fun and I can call the police if I don't like it!!!!.

I am shot to see him acting this way, he seem a nice person all the while and this behavior is rude and what the ...

I knock on his door, his wife were polite and acknowledge with respect. then he budge in and explained after hearing me so upset.a guilty and a bully neighbor!...
I can't believe he said I attacked his kid, he went on and on all sort of nonsense, at last he said Junior Hockey game is on tonight, and Canada lost to Russia, their kid is mad so, they wants to play outside, I have to understand the culture, that's why he is mad when I asked them to be consider it's late playing at night!  ( what don't I understand, the pass few weeks, almost every night he band on the backyard, making noises, turn on big spot light and we have not said a words, because we know it's important for their kids)
My replied was, "You look after your kid, what about mine? I too looking after my kid and family too!" what about my culture - my rest time culture??

We are humble and keep low profile family, but this was perceive as abnormal from the conversation???

He sees things and judge things, he is those people that judge it book by it cover.

I can't believe this man and I have no respect to him at all regardless he thinks he is the best father in the world - again this is from the conversation!.

Just ignorance, and a small man. He close off with new year wishes, fake! but this incident is big enough to black list him when he command that he knows me and judge my family!
I will be OK and will not let him ruin the rest of my year, this incident happened teaches me a good lesson and a reminder. We should always spend more or longer time with a person before we get closer to them and trust them. People tend to show their best, and if it's not really their real best, it will reveal in time, time can tell and it prove to me again, I was easily fool !

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