29 January 2012

My new hobby - Cake deco with Fondant

This is my first Fondant deco. Because I am not a baker, so I use rice crispy for my cake base, and cut out some flower and wrap with color Fondant.
I know I have many hobbies, and my friend once comment : so many hobby, 身上咁多刀,D刀利唔利架!:) Well, 自巳兴趣班,做來玩,無所胃!

 These cake is mini size - about 4" tall by 3 inches

 This is the first candy cake deco I did in the beginning, again, it's rice crispy base, the size is very small too.
The workmanship is very crappy.. because Candy melt is hard to master, so, I like Fondant, it's also call the adult Clay accept this is edible, again, mine is for deco and display only.

 The figurine is Holly Hobbie that I bought many years ago, I regret I didn't buy all of them when the precious item is on sale and discontinue..

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