24 January 2010

Sunday leisure

Snowing this weekend, Took this picture outside the deck, and wanna to share with family and friends in Malaysia. We miss them very much!

Sunday Sweets - I cook the pumpkin Sweets again this weekend, and it taste better than last week, because it's has different level of texture and with the tapioca added this time, I am quite satisfy ! Yummm.


Eugenia Gina said...

May, did you make the illustration for little bhubhu web, it's so you! Beautiful work! I just open their site and curious to ask you about this :D

yoon see said...

I have missed so many good posts here May!
I hope you and your family are doing great!
Thanks for your kind wishes and I also thought of you. We are all busy with works, naturally, I cherish the time to drop by to say "Hi" when I sacrifice some sleep...

Great, I want to try pumpkin sweets too:)
Thanks for sharing. You are a thoughtful friend. the illustrations and steps are so clear and lovely.
I will tell you after I attempt for one OK!