01 April 2008

Homage IF entry 我們最尊敬的家人

To my oldest sister Ping.
Someone who play a big role in our Family, she is a mentor, a role model a loving and caring sister's.
This week IF entry.
She brought us many good and sweet memories in our childhood, she always lead us in positive manner when come to difficult time, and she is one who keep a strong family bonding between sisters and brothers who all live so far apart......

Thank you Sister, special dedication, and here's my boy presenting these flowers on our behalf to express how lucky we are to have a sister like you! Thank you, Sis! We love you!她為我們這个家勞心勞力,學生時伐她大部份都侍在家帮爸媽照顧這個家,畢業後工作了她又犧牲很多年青人的黄金時间沒多和朋友們去wet,工作的存款很捨的用來買第一份家庭禮物 (有如第一張新Sofa呀、電冰箱、第一瓶Orange juice等等...,不能不提是她給我們小時很多童年最有義意的禮物---> 無論是物質上或心靈上,給我們一个快樂回憶無窮的童年。她一向對人對事却很溫厚,处理事,都很正面,至到現在都好無私的付出愛,不要求任何回報,雖然我們兄弟姐妹分隔多处,但她一直維持濃厚的家人關係,她就是我家大姐! 我想是天賜給爸媽最好的禮物-我家大姐!



thedoodlegirl said...

Beautiful! I love all of the textures.

Pajara Pinta said...

I love it! really nice!

I love your blog... with both languages... it looks so cool!!!!

come visit mine, is also in 2 languages, spanish and englis, is about children illustration, you might like it!

good luck!


mama bok said...

Awww..!! that's so sweet..!

pupu said...

Aww.. that is really sweet. ;D Very nice illo!! I love the colors!

Earthtone said...

So lucky to have such a great sister...Blogie. I wish her well too..

Her picture is very nice..:)

Zari said...

these are really sweet and lovely! Sure your sister will love them ;)