05 September 2009

Lavender from my garden

This year the Lavender in my garden not blossom much to compare with last year...
Illustrated my favorite flower's -Lavender as this month calender.
心血來潮,動起電子笔畫了一幅 - 薰衣草月曆‧


阿如 said...

May 又有好作品,看你的畫真是一種享受,你也是吧!我是Hwee Mei又名阿如,很高興你也到我的blog走走,常聯絡,幫我問候你的家人還有你的寶貝兒子..好久沒有Elaine 的消息她還好嗎?

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Thank you Hwee Mei.
So happy to see you here!
Elaine is fine, she is sending her regards to you too!
I hope your boy and girl doing great in KL. Hug Hug from me to the cutest!

jcdillustration said...

How lovely! They must be so fragrant. What a nice idea to do calendar pages each month, too!