28 September 2009

Lace wedding

十三周年的花邊婚日,有直口唔驶自己煮去咗食壽司,阿仔似呼食的liam liam味!
仍然依偎住,大把日子繼續互持走。。。Today, it's our wedding Anniversary - Lace wedding - day off from cooking, went to Sushi for Dinner. It seems boy boy enjoy the dinner more than ever... we are Blessing ...and still counting!


Faruffa said...

many many many congratulations, in Italy we say "100 of these days" :o)))))

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Thank you so much Faruffa!
I see, I will keep this 100 days of wishes in our heart, thanks for your wishes!

Keng Yong said...

Happy wedding anniversary to Sam n you. Wow! already 13 years, time really fly while the love continue to grows stronger. sis1